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Be listed in our modest clothing shopping directories!

You can be listed on this site, as well as on our sister site *Jen* Magazine (for Latter-Day Saints), in their shopping directory.

In addition to the two directories mentioned above, if you sell modest swimwear you will be listed on the Fashion Fixes page of *Jen* Magazine (which currently comes up #2 in Google under "modest swimwear"), and on our sister site If you sell dresses of any kind you will be listed on our sister site If you sell modest prom dresses you will be listed in the *Jen* Magazine prom section. If you sell modest wedding dresses you will be listed in the *Jen* Magazine wedding section.

In other words, your company will be listed in every directory in our network of modest clothing related sites where it would make sense for it to be.

The monthly fee for the directory listings may seem high, but it is worth the money because the directory pages are optimized to come up high in the search engines when people search for modest clothing, modest swimwear, modest prom dresses, modest wedding dresses, etc.

People searching for modest clothing are looking for something to buy right now. That makes them much more likely to purchase from you than someone just browsing the web. In the month prior to this posting (July 2007) our directory pages received over 10,000 visitors searching to buy modest clothing and modest swimsuits.

Shopping directory listing details:

Heres How it Works:

  1. Once we receive payment, we will create your custom listing. You can recommend which picture you want to use in the listing and what you want it to say.
  2. You review the listing and O.K. it or ask for changes before it gets posted to the sites.
  3. The process of creating your listing will be done as quickly as possible, and (if approved) can often be posted the same day.
  4. You will be billed a recurring monthly fee unless you cancel your listing.

Shopping Directory Listing is only $294 per month!

Do you have any questions? E-mail us at mail "at"

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